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Joe Holmes

This site contains articles about ways I have discovered to increase faith in Jesus Christ, which in turn increases Happiness, Love, Joy and Health.

It has been said a young person does not talk about the past because their past is limited and an old person does not talk about the future because their future is limited. See “The Bridge Builder”

My websites have been destroyed again due to malfunctions of Word Press. It has caused me to learn how to backup my sites better and refocus on my mission.

I will be using my three core sites (joeholmes.info) (herbdiscovery.com) and (smartsteps.net) interchangeably to support faith in Jesus Christ to improve happiness, love, joy and health.

I have studied health and success, reading hundreds of books attending numerous lecturers and seminars to better understand life.

When I first observed Dr. Emoto’s water pictures at a seminar I realized all the philosophies of health and success were not on the right track. Most in both fields teach that the power of the mind controls our lives. They teach affirmations, goals, charts, vision boards and faith without really understanding the true concepts.

For example many teach the mind is all powerful and that if one has an accident it is because they thought it in their mind. So why is this wrong? Because it says a child who is innocent who has an illness some how created it. This is so obviously wrong, yet few will believe it. We have a compelling desire to think we are able to control every thing in our life by the power of the mind. In contrast ones thoughts do have great influence in our lives.

This creates a jumble of confusion that I have taken on as my mission to explain.  I have studied this conflict for years.

There are several concepts that help us understand this conflict. First as in Dr. Emoto’s pictures is that everything in our universe has an opposite. So yes, we all see the difference between positive thoughts and negative thoughts and many use this to justify goals and the power of the mind.

As Christians we know the devil is real and represents negative influences. The devil is a master of conflict that he uses to torment and confuse us. On one hand he whispers that our mind is all powerful, then he causes pitfalls, temptations and adversity, then makes us believe we caused them by our mind. It is no wonder many give up and quit if they do not understand this.

I cannot fully explain this conflict in one article or page. Each article will paint a picture of its own to create a fuller explanation of this theme.