Successful Parenting E-Book

Successful Parenting is the authors research and steps to overcome being an abusive parent. .

This is not an insignificant feat as most abused children grow up to be abusive parents. Often the greatest wisdom comes from those who have struggled through adversity. I grew up never knowing if my parents loved me.

I am not a educated child expert, rather I have overcome and created ten steps to help me give to my children the love I did not have.

My wife and I worked at a youth home for troubled boys and developed this plan and in six months we changed our boys lives. Others at the institution commented about how much our boys changed and excelled over the other homes.

This book is not the usual boilerplate psychology from educated child experts. Instead it is a guide that will give you the tools to increase the love between you and your child. You need this more than any other parenting book.

While at the youth home I learned that children who act out or become discipline problems often do it to find love. learning that helped me understand some of my past experiences and how important it is for a child to know they are loved.

  • Our jails are full of permissive loved children.
    There is a difference between permissive love and structured love.

The challenge of raising a child is a tight rope between structured discipline and permissive or no discipline. Sadly because of a fear of abuse many parents shy away from structured discipline. Did you know that a child interprets permissiveness as not being loved?

This book gives you ten steps to show an increase of love, even during and after discipline. Yes you heard that right you will learn how to correct your child in a manner that causes them to increase their love to you!

Discipline is not to serve judgement, it is to improve behavior.Sadly discipline without an increase of love often makes a child rebel.

Structured discipline with an increase of love is so crucial and you only have a few short years to get it right, so if you want your child to love you when they become adults you better love them while they are a child.

Do not think for one minute that you know these steps, you may be a great parent but with these steps you will be much greater. Every parent and every child needs this guide. Get your e-book copy now for $12.95.